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UX / Product Designer

Jessica Tsui

Designer | Problem Solver | Storyteller

I create intuitive and enjoyable experience

I solve problems that truly concern users

I design to empower users

I think beyond screens

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Selected Projects

May - August 2017

UX Design

Sonos Internship

Redesigning a better music listening and IoT experience for over 5 million households using Sonos worldwide
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May - August 2017

UX Design

Internship @ Sonos

Redesigning a better music listening and IoT experience for 5 million households utilizing the Sonos app controller worldwide
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Mar 5 - Mar 12, 2018

User Research + UX & UI Design

Pawfect Match

An Android app designed to help potential adopters like you to find a perfect pet that matches with your lifestyle easily
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September - December 2017

User Research + UX & UI Design

Fake News Buster

An educational social platform designed specifically for high school students as a tool to improve on their news literacy skills
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January - April 2017

Service Design

Walmart Insight

A service design project transforming shopping experience at Walmart into an engaging and inspiring journey that excites customers
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September - December 2017

UX & UI Design

Up & Up

A collective breathing game experience that can help improve your stress levels as you breathe with your friends together and blow your source of stress away
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September - December 2016

User Research + UX & UI Design


A wearable app specifically designed to help improve recycling decisions for users who find recycling difficult/troubling. With reco, anyone can recycle trash correctly in an instant
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September - December 2015

UX & Web Design, Web Development


An educational web platform designed and implemented for a more engaging learning experience for MOOC students learning about socially engaged art in China
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About Me

Welcome! I am glad you made it to this far. Let me tell you a bit more about myself - I am recent graduate of the MS program in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) at Georgia Tech, with experience working as a UX Design Intern at Sonos and UX Designer at City University of Hong Kong. As a UX/Product designer, I am dedicated to create intuitive, enjoyable digital products and user experiences that empower users.

Being in the field of UX/Product has been especially exciting for me with its exposure to numerous opportunities to resolve problems concerning various users. As a strong believer in design thinking and collaboration, I consider empathizing with users and communicating with stakeholders well as keys to successful UX/Product design. In the diverging design phase, I'm a big dreamer, enthusiastically conjuring wild and innovative ideas. I bring these ideas from abstract to concrete, implementing them with my prototyping and development skills. Nothing is more rewarding than empowering users with designs that combat the actual problems they face, and seeing how satisfied they are.

Feel free to take a look at the resume here if you would like to learn more about my experience.
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